How To Breastfeed

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To successfully breastfeed your baby, it is important to simplify the process and enjoy it. Finding a comfortable position is key, as well as ensuring a good latch for effective milk transfer. Staying relaxed during breastfeeding can help both you and your baby feel more at ease.

1. Get comfortable. Water, snack, phone, remote, breastfeeding pillow and extra pillows.

Adjustable Nursing Pillow
Water, phone, remote, and snacks.

2. Put baby in a position you both feel comfortable in. 'Cross cradle' is a go to.

3. Hold your breast far back (not near your nipple) with your non dominant hand.

La Leche League International

4. Hold the back of your baby's head at the base of the skull with your dominant hand.

breastfeeding crossover hold
Supporting the back of the baby's head helps to guide him to the breast.

5. Trace your nipple to your baby's nose to her mouth. Repeat until your baby opens her mouth very wide.

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6. Gently bring your baby's head to your breast. Your baby's mouth should be wide, with a majority of the areola in her mouth. Her top and bottom lips should be flared out. The correct latch should not hurt.

Finally, if you or your baby become stressed or frustrated, give yourself permission to stop, rest, and try when you are both calm. If you need help, reach out to an IBCLC, doula, or friend!