Maryland Postpartum Doula

“It’s just as important to get ready for your first days and weeks as a new mother as it is to prepare for giving birth.”
- Kelleher, Nurturing the Family

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What do you need mama?

Sleep? Help? Support?

Through conversations and observations, I will educate, support, and discover areas of need and improvement for a smoother transition to parenthood

I will be able to provide physical, mental, emotional, and educational supports. Consider:

  • “Do you know anyone who can serve as your personal confidante, best friend, housekeeper, and mothering mentor as you make your transition into motherhood? -Ina May
  • What do you love to do? Not sure?  I will help you rediscover opportunities for you to practice what you love and enjoy. (Personal self love)
  • Are you hungry?  Desperately wanting an uninterrupted shower? Exhausted? I will plan and encourage opportunities for personal self care for you and your partner.
  • I don’t know what my baby needs! Why are they crying? How do I give my baby a bath?(Newborn care and education)
  • Is my baby getting enough milk?  Why is breastfeeding so hard? Why is my baby always hungry? How should I be cleaning bottles and pump parts? (Breastfeeding education)
  • This is so hard, lonely, and confusing.  Do I have the baby blues or postpartum depression? Am I doing this right? I'm supposed to be grateful, which I am, but I can't tell anyone because they will judge me. (Postpartum mental health supports)
Let's Work Together

Jenny goes above and beyond to wrap you in her care and love as a mama so you can take care of your precious baby.   
Our family nicknamed her our fairy godmother because she truly was a blessing. I wish everyone could have someone like Jenny during this most important time.   -Mary K

"I had a really hard postpartum recovery after having my first son and Jenny was there for all of my needs. Without her I’m not sure how I would have gotten through the 4th trimester! Jackie A

We experienced so many challenges with infertility.  I truly can say that we could not have brought our sweet boy into this world without her. As an anxious first time mom who went through IVF, Jenny was a listening ear, a motivator, a problem solver, a doer, and a miracle worker for postpartum.  

She always checks in on me to see how I'm doing and if I need anything. She brought me snacks even when I didn't realize I needed them!  Jeni regularly checked on my pain status and well being.

If you are thinking about hiring a postpartum doula, we highly recommend Jeni, she is the best!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Alright, I’m in! Now what?
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