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No agenda, besides your agenda!
How can an educated and professional expert help you on the spot?

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What questions do you have?  What are your needs?

Anything and everything prenatal, labor, birth, postpartum care should be discussed. I am your easy to reach, professional resource for prenatal and postpartum care (in person or virtual).

You Don't Know, What You Don't Know.

I can help. The conversation topics are endless and specific to your experiences.

Here are just a few topics that could be discussed during pregnancy:

  • Did you know there are proven exercises to practice during pregnancy to help your birth?
  • What specific areas ache in your pregnancy?  Your hips? Let me teach you and your partner different stretches to alleviate pain.  
  • Let’s look through your registry together. Are you getting told that you 'must' have this or that? I can guide you on what you need based on research as well as the products that are favorites of my clients.
  • Is your partner confident in infant care and breastfeeding support? Have you discussed your postpartum plan together?
  • Do you plan on having your partner or family member be your doula?  I can be their tutor in order to prepare for your labor and birth.
  • Do you know what to expect and how to alleviate pain during labor?

Here are just a few topics that could be discussed during postpartum time at home:

  • Are you exhausted? Let's look at some areas of improvement for better sleep.
  • Does breastfeeding hurt? Let’s look at your latch together.  Let me teach you strategies to get him to open wide so you are not in pain and he is efficient at emptying your breast.
  • Is your baby crying and hungry, again? Do you know how to understand your baby’s cues and cries?  Did you know that crying is the last effort to get their needs met?
  • Do you want me to observe the flow of how things are done around your home? Just carry your phone around with you and I will provide immediate help and feedback for improvements.

Also included: Private membership to an intimate community of mommies that have recently given birth

Jenny's knowledge base was expert level regarding the postpartum phase and breastfeeding, from meeting the health and comfort needs of Mother and infant, finding the right pillows and clothing, to positioning a newborn to effectively latch and feed.

We are grateful to Jen for her services and believe her support, education, and assistance facilitated a beautiful and memorable experience for all.

"I would highly recommend the services of Jen Rowe. My daughter gave birth to a baby boy in July.Jen was professional and extremely knowledgeable. She provided support and education with a warm, caring, and positive demeanor. She was nonjudgmental and worked with my daughter and our family in providing education and suggestions to explore and find solutions that worked for us."

"She called or texted me daily to check in and see how she could help that day or moment! Jen always makes me feel like everything will be ok! She is absolutely amazing at supporting moms!"

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